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Welcome to the Austroads Forums

The Austroads Forums are directed at enhancing capability within member organisations.  Austroads Forums facilitate and encourage knowledge exchange across organisational boundaries through participation in Discussion Forums around topics of relevance to Austroads members, and collaborative Wiki Pages.

This space is for news, updates, and content relevant across all of the Austroads Forums.  To participate in Austroads discussions in areas such as Bridge, Pavements, or Road Design, just log in, or sign up using the options at screen top, then visit one of the Austroads Forums spaces below, or visit the Space Directory or Dashboard and select an area of interest.



Visit us on Twitter at @AustroadsForums. The hashtag is: #austforums 

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Space: 2011 Austroads Bridge Conference
Discussions around 2011 ABC papers.
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Space: Austroads Forums
Create, share, discover, discuss, and access technical knowledge.
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